Learning from an 8 Year-Old…

“Take a chance on me”  -Jasmine & Stokes  A couple of years ago, Drew and I watched a compelling Canadian documentary (featured at the Hot Docs festival) called “Listen to This.” The documentary followed the lives of several inner city kids enrolled in an after school music program “Evolving Through the Arts” (http://www.egbofoundation.org/). We were […]

My Winnings from Las Vegas

I love going on vacation. I’m pretty sure most people enjoy going on vacation….when they give themselves permission to unplug, relax, and rejuvenate. Last week, I spent my days surrounded by mountains and desert in the famous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. With it came some important reminders. 1. Ask and often times you shall […]

Connoisseur Tips

Dear fellow Connoisseurs/Connoisseurs in Training, Since kindergarten, we were taught the importance of SHARING. Sharing of our toys, our food (when a friend forgot their lunch/snack), and as we grow older, it becomes a sharing of ourselves (and the big question: WHO AM I?). With that said, CONNOISSEUR TIPS postings are all about that-Tips collected […]