Professional Connect The Dotter.

First off, is dotter even a word?

Growing up, I absolutely LOVED activity books. I couldn’t get enough of them. They were jammed-pack with mazes, crosswords, word searches, and my favourite, connect the dots.

I loved connecting the dots. It wasn’t about the numbers, it was about the reveal that occurred as I connected the dots to see the Big Picture.

Being a Dreammaker is a profession lifestyle. It requires learning everyday, trying new things, being unafraid of failure, and putting courage before fear.

Many times in the midst of transforming our dreams into reality, we (I included) can trip over or stumble on the “How” of things.

-How am I going to meet the person of my dreams?

-How am I going to make this (secure more funding, get my dream job, find Mr. Right, start my new business, get more clients, travel the world) happen?

-How can I Do Good (make a positive difference in the world) + Do Well (make money)

*Note I thought all of these at some point, multiple times.

The reality is, though HOW is important, nothing is more important than getting very clear on WHO is involved and WHY you want this dream to come true. When we keep our eye/heart on the vision AND having a positive attitude while committing to do whatever we can to the very BEST of our ability, the hows of above work themselves out.

Until then, when you find the HOW bug come creeping in and you feel the need to scratch that itch, focus on these HOWS.

How have I been/can I be a blessing to others today?

How have I showed/can I show compassion, understanding, & patience today?

How have I encouraged/can I encourage others today?

How have I been/can I be grateful today?

How have I taken/can I take one step forward today?

Ladies and gents, life is one big game of connect the dots.

The twist? Connecting the dots (aka the “hows”) more often than not in this game, happen in retrospect. Connect the dots

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