Beauty & Blessings: Food, Fools, and Faith.

Hey there Beautiful Souls,

Happy Weekend! As the cooler weather settles in here in Canada, here are some goodies to warm your soul. From the bird who chooses love over food, to the recipes that fuelled our bellies this week, to incredible giveaways and more. 

My personal favourite find of the week was the photo "Fantastic Mr. Fox." I came across this image earlier this week and saved the link so that I could share it with all of you. Well the next day, I was on Pinterest and came across a photo of these crazy old ladies having a grand ol' time. I clicked on it to check out the rest of the article and as I scrolled down, I came across the photo of the fox! What are the chances? 

Don't forget to click on the images as most of them will reveal so much more awesomeness.

Wishing you and yours the happiest weekend ahead!




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