Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Hey There Beautiful Souls,

Happy, Happy, Happy Weekend! I hope that you had a wonderful week and are looking forward the goodies I have for you this week. Make sure to scroll right to the end as I’ve got a little present for you! Enjoy:)


I originally came across this acronym on Pinterest and decided to create a little downloadable version for you!



This. Will. Make. You. Smile. (if you like puppies that is…)

Me and My Little Ones

If you’re in need of a little beach vacation, check out these beauties!

Image credits:
The Beach of the Cathedrals, Ribadeo, Spain / Image credits:


This kid proves that as Marcus Stroman always says,
“Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.”



Weston Photography Studio


One of my favourite images from this week.
A reminder of John 16:33.

Not Afraid Paris


The day began dark and rainy and then a couple of hours later, this happened. The sun will always shine again.

November 19th



Words To Live By…



via Pinterest
via Pinterest


Some see ordinary tools, while others see…




This never, EVER, gets old. It just gets more and MORE AMAZING!


As 2015 wraps up and we prepare for the new year, I wanted to give all of you something to help fuel your 2016 to make it your best year yet! Download your FREE copy now🙂 And as always, feel free to share & tell!




Wishing you and yours the most wonderful weekend ahead!




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