What’s On Your Wish List?

The Christmas and holiday season are in full swing, which means many are making a list and checking it twice, attending year end parties and functions, and trying to keep it all together.

As our days fill up with this, that, and the other, the question is, what gift are we really giving? Sure there are the ones under the tree but how about the one that comes in the form of the gift giver? It’s easy to equate gifts with presents. But what if this year gifts were about presence?

Who are we when we have millions of things to do for those we love?

Who are we when our day gets interrupted?

Who are we when someone takes the parking spot you were waiting for?

Who are we in the long line-ups at the store?

Who are we when we buy those gifts?

Who are we when money is a little funny yet the lists of things to do, people to buy for, and so forth just keeps getting longer?

Who are we with our loved ones? Are we really present or distracted by our phones, worries, etc.?

Friends, Beauty and Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they come with a ribbon tied around them but more often than not, they are found in those “ordinary” moments in life. Ordinary is nothing special until we see the extraordinary in disguise. Daily interactions with strangers and our loved ones are nothing special until we see the gift of priceless moments in disguise.





Presents or Presence? What will you be giving this year?



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