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You know what I find interesting about the word success? The first syllable is “suck.” And the truth is, sometimes, many times our pursuit of success…really sucks.

How would you define success?

Think about it. Success. What does success look like to you? How do you determine if someone is successful or not? Do you consider yourself successful?

There are many definitions of success and about a zillion articles on how-to, the 10-step method, he said/she said, etc. The reality is, none of that matters. What matters is, how YOU define success. Because what you believe, you will see.


I recently came across a fascinating talk by Vishen Lakhiani who just so happens to be the founder of Mind Valley-a really cool learning experience company. In his talk, he challenges you and I to think/re-think what we consider success (he also share his 5 rules for success among other things). There is so much good stuff in his talk that I encourage you to watch it or atleast bookmark to watch it when you make the time. Because if we’re being honest here, if something/someone is important to you, you will make the time.:)



Photo Credit: Helping Hands
Photo Credit: Helping Hands



Would you consider Mother Teresa a success? Do you think her life was successful?
Regardless of whether your answer was “yes” or “no,” the truth is, she probably didn’t care.
She just got up each day and did what she believed she was created and called to do.
And that my friend, is what living a life of significance is all about.







Living a life of success. Living a life of significance.

The choice is yours. The choice is mine.

And the choice


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