Looking For A New Job? Five Factors to Remember…

It’s a new year and with it comes new dreams, new vision, and perhaps new year’s resolutions. For those who are looking to make a change in the job department, here are FIVE Factors that I hope you will remember!


1. Key to a Successful Career:

“Any job can become a ministry, as long as it is dedicated to love. Your career can be an empty canvas for God to write on. Whatever your talents or abilities, He can use them. Our ministry becomes a joyous experience for ourselves and others as we let a mysterious force directs us. We simply follow instructions. We are allowing God’s spirit to move through us, using our gifts and resources however He sees fit, to do His work in the world. This is the key to a successful career.”
-Marianne Williamson

2. Career vs Calling:

“A career is what you are paid to do. A calling is what you were MADE to do.”
-Robert Madu

3. The Difference Maker:

“He (God) turned a job into a calling. We all have that option. We all do the same things; it’s how we do them that makes the difference. We become a gift to others when we make them feel that they are the gift.”
-Regina Brett

4. A Healthy Call(ing):

“Striving to leave a legacy or pursue a calling increases happiness, which leave the body flooded with health-inducing hormones that strengthen the immune system, relax the cardiovascular system, and deactivate the stress response.”
-Lissa Rankin

5. It’s About the Fruit:

“Sometimes our calling requires us to pass up lots of great opportunities because, no matter how great it is, if it’s not what we are supposed to be doing, it won’t produce fruit.”
-Alli Worthington


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