Everyone Needs a Black Mama…and Here’s Why!

I have the privilege of meeting spectacular people all the time. When I met this lady, we immediately connected at the soul level. It was like we’ve known each other forever. I call her my “Black Mama.” Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my Mama Lim and Mother-in-Love Andi but there is just something different about having a Black Mama-they have a flavour of their own. If you have one, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t, hopefully this guest post will shed some light. As I get set to become a mama to a little one, I invited my Black Mama Tash Jefferies to share a little love, a little soul, and maybe just maybe after reading this, you might be on the hunt for a Black Mama yourself!


When I had roommates, they used to call me Mama Tash. At the time, I thought “I’m nobody’s Mama (yet).” But, it only took a few more times for me to get used to that title. And then I thought, Everyone needs a Black Mama in their life.

“Bitterness spreads rapidly, but thankfully, so does love.”-Dave Willis

I’m not worried about that sounding offensive. And here are the reasons why I think that finding yourself one is necessary:

Black Mama’s always know how to turn straw into gold. I learned this from the best because I had one. A woman who turned lean-times into “How many ways can we make potatoes?”. When I was kid, that was a fun game, and I had no idea it meant we were hurting. Turning lemons into lemonade. Whatever you want to call it, our experience teaches us to see the blessing in everything we go through. That’s the kind of woman you definitely want on your team when times get rough and tough.

Black Mama’s know how to rebound from adversity. Oh, so you didn’t get that cushy job? Come talk to me when you’ve had to make $20 stretch (in 2013) for more than two months and not complain… And also do it with a smile on your face. Life has thrown us some harsh realities from racism to sexism, but we still get up every day, face the world, and put our battle gear on. You hear our collective stories and you’ll either feel like a wussy and realize how good you’ve got it, or appreciate what we deal with and keep on moving forward… Or better yet, both.

Black Mama’s know how to deliver harsh messages with love. We know how to give reality checks clear and direct, with no chaser, and not apologize for it.  We for damn sure know how to give you some sobering “get over yourself” advice if you feel you need to give yourself a pity party. However, we can do it with a “I’m here for you, honey”, with a smile, and with a great big hug, so the receiver understands we’ve got his highest self in mind with the harsh blow. Five minutes later after the honest truth lands, and the hug does too, all seems right with the world again. . :).

Black Mama’s are SO MUCH FUN!!! Because we’ve had to navigate in such worlds that potentially want to knock us down, we’ve learned how to just be ourselves, play, sing, and bring on the Soul Claps. We need our soul to sing!!! This means you never know what you’re going to get at any moment, and we just know how to cut even the strongest tension in any room, should we need to. We are the life of the party, and make no excuses for having a big personality!

Black Mama’s know how to leave a legacy. This post is actually dedicated to my own Black Mama’s that have gone on before me. Mama Lizzy (my beloved Mom), Mama Marie (my Mother), Mama May (my Aunt), Mama Doll (my Aunt), Mama Shirley (my Aunt), Mama Lena (my Nan), and the countless other role models I’ve had the honour of being mentored by in my life. I learned from the best :).

I have become a Black Mama to countless amazing souls across the planet now. Including the amazing lady who invited me to write this blog on her site (I love you so much Joann!!!). I’m sure there’s space for me to find a few more childrens…. More like thousands.

If you ever need a hand, Mama Tash is always here to listen, give a hug and a cup of tea :).
Blessings and Love to you all,


To learn more about Tash and/or to connect with this amazing lady, please visit:
Website : tashjefferies.com
Twitter : http://twitter.com/yourtash
LinkedIn : http://linkedin.com/in/tashj
Facebook : http://facebook.com/tash.jefferies

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