Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)



Hey There Beautiful Soul,

Happy Weekend!

Fresh off the press: Beauty. Majesty. Breathtaking Wonder & Awe(some).
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I Spy With My Little I-Phone: This Week in Photos

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Last weekend, I opened the front door and my sweet niece Brooklyn ran up to me with this in her hand. With a smile on her face, she handed it over to me and said, “I made this for you.” There are many things in life you can buy but precious moments like these, are created. #1000gifts #gratitude #easter p.s. She said it was a flower 😉


The Things You Do For Love…

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What a Sweet Story…#spreadablelove

Abi's Cafe


These Two Boys Did What They Thought Was Right And THIS Is What Happened

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How Would YOU Answer These Questions?



Wisdom From Our Wee Ones…



This Man Wrote A Love Letter To His Wife, The Reason Why Will Touch Your Heart.

James Samuel


When We Are Grateful, We Are GREAT-Filled.



God Can Use Anyone and Anything at Anytime. These Are No Ordinary Balloons

Photo Courtesy: Yvette Melton
Photo Courtesy: Yvette Melton


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What A Difference A Day Makes

What a difference a day makes
A minute, a second is all it takes
To create history, to change the world
To embark on ventures, brave, new and bold

It takes a day for war to start
A day that will, for years, tear nations apart
It takes a day for life to begin
One that will, on another day, a new nation win

It takes a day to launch a new career
One that will, our lives, into a new era steer
It takes a day to realize the work of a lifetime
Work that will, one day, be praised in song and rhyme

It takes a day for a typhoon, tsunami or earthquake
A day, that will, millions of lives rudely shake
It takes a day for disaster to strike
Disaster that will take away the people and things we like

It takes a day for you and me
To be the people that we can be
It takes a day for you to grow
And the friend of a lifetime, get to know

What a difference a day makes
So, let us give it all it takes
To make this day, special and good
To be the people we can and should.

-Alister Renaux


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