Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)


You Matter.

You Matter to Me…and to Him..and to others.


You Are Loved.

You Are Loved by Me…and Him..and others.


Beautiful and Brilliant You.

May You take a moment today to inhale all of life’s mysteries, wonders, and blessings and exhale a little (or a lot of) gratitude…and awe(some).

I Am Grateful For YOU.


Joann xoxo



Wow…just WOW.

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Not just for the little ones anymore…



Best job ever? (Not applicable to vegans or vegetarians)

Bacon Critic


I love, love, LOVE this idea…taking caring and sharing to a whole new level:).

(Thank you to the amazing Ann Voskamp for sharing this gem)

Photo via Good News Network
Photo via Good News Network
Photo via Good News Network
Photo via Good News Network

Giving HOPE to Women over 40

Over 40 Interns

Wow…and More WOW. Thank you Daniel Kordan.


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Now THIS is Uber(ly) Kind…

Photo via Good News Network
Photo via Good News Network
Photo via Good News Network
Photo via Good News Network

Unwanted Food at a Discount? It’s a Growing Trend…

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What Can YOU Do in 1:30 Minutes? This is what Dean did…


Need a Healthy Snack? Try one of these low-cal yummy popcorn recipes…

Photo Credit: Corbis Images
Photo Credit: Corbis Images

This just melted my heart. It might melt yours too…

Photo: Ashley Elizabeth Photography
Photo Credit: Ashley Elizabeth Photography

GUT Check: Probiotic, Prebiotic, What’s the Difference?



Life Guides…

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Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Simply Travel
Photo Credit: Simply Travel

I Spy With My Little I-Phone: This Week in Photos…


Before (L) and After (R) of an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for a client this week… (more about this in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!)


Priceless memories with a precious and priceless little girl
oaded Buddha Bowl with roasted veggies, kidney beans, fresh tomatoes, and a lemon garlic vinaigrette on a bed of ancient grains. #cleaneating #foodie #bonappetit #vegetarian #meatless
A big time CONGRATS to @sportsnet on their 100th issue, cover designed by none other than the uber talented @lessuhchuck. Be on the look out for this special issue on newsstands nationwide. #canada #sports #design @bluejays @mapleleafs @raptors @hockeycanada @torontofc #proudwife


A new passenger is on the way...
A new passenger is on the way…

Our Father’s marvelous love for us is infinite, intimate, and unique. And you are uniquely loved because you were uniquely created.

Unique means “the sole example of, prototype or only one,” and my favorite definition, “without equal or rival.”

Lisa Bevere, “Without Rival”

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