Free Admission

I, Joann Lim, am perfectly imperfect.

I make mistakes.

I am wrong sometimes.

The more I know, the more I realize I don’t know.

I am unrealistically realistic.

I am my biggest critic. I am also my biggest motivator.

Sometimes my plans don’t turn out the way I think they will. That’s ok.

They often turn out better than I expect.

I have had relationships that have not worked out.

I have been a part of projects that have not reached their fullest potential.

I have applied for numerous positions, which I have not got.

I have tripped and fallen.

I have skinned my knees.

I have laughed and cried…..and still do.

I have come face-to-face with my fears only to realize that doing so was an act of courage.

I have learned to ask for help moving from independent to interdependent.

To be vulnerable is one of the greatest strengths of a human being.

As I embrace the path I’m on and look towards the horizon, I realize that I’m living my dream each day.

To succeed, I embrace failure.

To feel fulfilled, I value emptiness.

To have rich relationships, I make time be alone.

To celebrate the greatness in life, I learn from the sadness and hardships.

To be me, is an admission that there is only one of me.

To be me is to embrace life in its entirety.

To be me and to connect to others is what this journey is about.

I am a Connoisseur of Life.

I am perfectly imperfect.


About Joann Lim Lesiuczok

Lifestyle Designer. Catalyst. Connoisseur of Life. Perfectly Imperfect. Foodie. Allergic to Nuts, Shellfish, and Mediocrity. Love Naps. Thought-Provoker. Soul-Stirrer. Multi-instrument Musician. Professional Dreammaker. Drew's Wife. JE SUiS. 1 Corinthians 14:1. When We Change The Way We Love, We Change The Way We Live. When We Change The Way We Live, We Change The Way We Love. #dangerouslove #generationamazing #lifeclass

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