What Do Your Eyes Tell You?



Before you begin reading the post below. I want you to take a minute and look at each photo and write down or make a mental note of what you think each one does as a profession. Who do you think they are?


With your answers at hand, let me introduce you to these gentlemen.
From left to right, top to bottom.
Carl Lentz.
Judah Smith.
Robert Madu.
Chad Veach.
Nick Nilson.


Who are these men and what do they have in common?


One used to work at Gucci. One was on the road to a football scholarship. One has a daughter who was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder (Lissencephaly). One is a phenomenal singer. One is a best-selling author.
They are all husbands.
They are all fathers.
They are into sports
They each have their own personal sense of style.
They travel around the world doing what they love.
Each one has a contagious energy that make the people around them better.
They love life...
and most importantly, they all love __________.
What's the blank?
They. All. Love. Jesus.




Carl, Judah, Robert, Chad, and Nick...each one of them has been saved by grace. Together they look like members of a boy band and well, they are in a band of sorts-a band of brothers in the fight for humanity.


Each one of them has a heart for Jesus and is using this love to transform the lives of this generation and generations to come.


They are leaders.
They are dynamic speakers.
They are pastors who spend their days reaching out to those who are outcasted, discouraged, dejected, rejected, and have lost all hope and invite them...home to meet Jesus.


This is not about religion; it's about relationship.
What's amazing is that they don't look like your stereotypical pastor. If you were to meet any one of them on the street, you nor I would guess that they lead churches and teach about Jesus.


Jesus is why they do what they do.
Jesus is what brought them from where they were to where they are.
Jesus has called them to be leaders to this generation and beyond.
And, they are doing just that.


If you hear them speak, they are the first to call themselves out on something and share their struggles. They are also the first to point to Jesus as the answer to any and all of our questions.


They are dynamic. They are hilarious. They are outstanding communicators.


Most importantly, they are men with a heart of Go(l)d.


And the secret to having a heart of gold is to have a heart like God.




The Gentlemen in Action. Check Them Out. Do You Dare?

To learn more about Carl Lentz, please visit hillsong.com/contributor/carl-laura-lentz
To learn more about Judah Smith, please visit thecity.org
To learn more about Robert Madu, please visit robertmadu.com
To learn more about Chad Veach, please visit zoechurch.com
To learn more about Nick Nilson, please visit lakewoodchurch.com

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