What Can You Do To Make This World A Little Less Screwed Up?


Where is the Love?


For all of the ones who have a house but are homeless;
For all of the ones who have a family but are alone;
For all of the ones who have food to eat but are malnourished;
For all of the ones who have water to drink but are thirsty;
For all of the ones who are materially rich but are spiritually poor;
For all of the ones who have an abundance of clothes to wear but are naked;
For all of the ones who have sight but are blind;
For all of the ones who can hear but are deaf;
For all of the ones who can speak but are voiceless;
For all of the ones who can walk but are paralyzed;
For all of the ones who have faith in their fears and fear their faith;

The test of our progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have much. It is whether we provide enough to those who have little.”-Franklin Roosevelt

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What is Love?

Love is not forceful, it is faithful.
Love leads and love listens.
Love cares more than it ever condemns.
Love lights up dark places. It was made for the dark.
Love never ends.
Love sees beauty in brokenness.
Love is a moment by moment choice.
Love is big in impact, small in acts.
Small yet significant. Small and significant. Small acts + great love = lives transformed (inspired by mother Teresa)
Love believes big because it is big.
Love manifests in the small actions we take each day.
Love is an attitude.
Love is an altitude.
Love is about going first when we want to go last and going last when we want to go first.
Love is measured by heart. Love is a measure of the heart.
Love gives.
Love is not an accessory; it is the whole outfit.
Love is not a trendy item; it is a must-have basic.
Love is not cheap; it costs something…it costed someone.
Love is not about instant gratification; it’s about instant gratitude.
Love doesn’t beg; it believes.
Love gives us clarity; lust clouds our vision.
Love isn’t the power of the proud; it’s the peace of the humble.
Love doesn’t demand or demean; it requests and reveals.
Love is not dead; it is very much alive.
Love takes no days off.
Love is a lifestyle.




“Where there is Love, there is God.”-Mother Teresa

Our love is conditional.
Our love is judgemental.
Our love is partial.
Our love is based on how we feel.
Our love is…not your love.

“If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much.”-Matthew 5:46

God, your love is unconditional.
Your love is steadfast.
Your love is wholehearted.
Your love is forgiving.
Your love covers all.
Your love is gentle.
Your love is relentless.
Your love is patient.
Your love endures forever.
Your love is available to anyone who receives it.
Your love is what we long for.

May your love be the love we give to others and share with our world. Your love heals. Your love restores. Your love elevates. Your love empowers. Your love inspires. Your love is beyond words.
When we are tempted to be greedy, may our hearts be filled with gratitude;
When we are tempted to condemn others, may our hearts be overwhelmed with compassion;
When we are tempted to doubt and worry; may we be overcome with a fierce determination and a deep trust in you.

Imperfect, incomplete, full of faults, banged up and bruised, we come just as we are. May we love others just as they are with your heart of grace and compassion.

All in. Wholehearted Love. With All Your Heart, With All Your Soul, With All Your Strength. Do You Dare?




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