What Our World REALLY Needs…Right Now.

Three Questions.

What if someone told you that you could do something that would make a lasting impact on someone’s life.
Would you do it?

What if you were told that someone’s life and well-being depended on you showing up.
Would you show up even if you were faced with set-backs, inconveniences, delays, etc.?

What if someone told you that who you are each day makes a difference.
Would you continue doing the things you’re doing and living your life the same way?

Yes, YOU. You Matter.
You Matter. Your Life Matters.

According to Dr. Ali Binazir, the probability of YOU being born is 1012,685,000.
Consider that for a moment.
That’s 10 to the power of 2,685,000.
You. Are. A. Miracle.



WANTED: Super (Role) Models.

You, right where you are, wherever you are reading this are a living, breathing miracle.
There are many people who are like you but there is no one who IS you. You’ve secured that role. It’s not up for grabs because that full-time position is yours. All yours.

Who YOU are matters.
Who you are when life is going perfectly but especially in the midst of life’s imperfect moments, matters.

We live in a world that glorifies power and fame (materialistic riches a.k.a the beautiful packaging). But true power is not an external thing, it’s an internal one. True fame (the type that doesn’t go out of date or out of style) is not found in what you have (in your closet or bank account) but rather who you are and who you’re inspiring. Super Models are beautiful on the outside. Super Role Models are beautiful both inside and out.

Every day, you are invited to show up to life, not merely to get by but to help someone get through. We’re in this together kids.
Your words, your actions, your attitude, has the profound ability to make someone’s day and/or life better (or bitter). Now That’s POWER.

(paraphrased from Bobbie Houston, “Sisterhood”)

Someone needs you.
You know that struggle you’ve faced for years or the challenges you’ve overcome? Yeah, those weren’t just for you. They
were, they are the lifeline that someone needs to breathe, to try again, to love again, to live. In this world of ours, it’s easy to be consumed with our own struggles, our own circumstances, our own goals, dreams, etc. Yet in the midst of the hills and valleys, twists and turns, distractions and detours, set-backs, set-ups, and celebrations of life, you and I are invited to be the hand that lifts someone up, the voice that offers encouragement and hope, the embrace that reminds another that they are not alone.

Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, all of us are difference makers.
The question isn’t whether if you’ll make a difference or not, the REAL question is: What type of difference will you choose to make?

Beautiful Friend,
DoYou Have What It Takes? to be a Super Role Model.
This isn’t a question; it’s a Game Changing, Life-Awakening statement.



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