A Life Class is a mashup of experience + education + entertainment. Anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, Life Classes are customized to address the varying issues, challenges, possibilities, and potentials that meet and greet individuals, teams, companies, and communities every day. Customized for an intimate gathering or a larger group, a Life Class is the perfect way to empower, inspire, and ignite individuals and teams to Unleash Greatness + Be Exceptional.


The focus of each class regardless of the central theme is to equip and empower you with insight and tools to move forward-whether one small step or a leap of faith.
Each Life Class is designed to fuel you up and leave you better than when you first arrived.
Life Classes are all about giving you things that no one can take away from you and that will only make your life richer and more fulfilling:).
People go to the optometrist to get their eyes checked. Life Classes are about getting our "I" Checked...the very thing that can prevent us from or propel us to living life to the fullest.
No B.S.
Life Classes are Raw, Organic, and 100% Junk Free. No Mediocrity. No Filler. No B.S.
Happy. Fortunate. Prosperous. Sumptuous. Blessed. It's at the heart of all Life Classes!


You want tools to increase sales.
Life Class(es) will give you tools to increase your life.

You want your career to flourish.
Life Class(es) will help your life flourish.

You want to succeed at work.
Life Class(es) will help you live a life of significance.

You want a full-proof 100% guarantee.
Here are three:
1. YOU alone get to decide what you do with what you see, hear, learn, and experience.
2. If you are breathing right now, there will come a point where you will take your final breath. If this scares you, then you're in the right place. Let's conquer that fear so that you can really start living.
3. Life is all about you and not about you. This is about giving and living your best and nothing less.

We spend so much time trying to measure the ripple effect.
Life Class(es) will inspire and empower you to create a ripple worth measuring.