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Dodie Osteen is small but mighty. In her new book “If My Heart Could Talk”, Dodie (a.k.a Mama Dodie or Ms. Dodie) opens her heart to speak to yours. This book is raw, honest, and filled with personal stories, beautiful insight, and timeless wisdom. Mama Dodie is a special woman with an incredible spirit who has faced her share of uphill battles and seemingly impossible situations. And yet through it all, she shares what it means to have feisty faith and all that is possible when you are willing to trust God. For such a tiny woman, she packs a mighty punch in the words of this book. "If My Heart Could Talk" is like sitting down with your grandma for tea. Mama Dodie’s wisdom and stories will nourish your soul and fire up your spirit time and time again. And who knows, it might just inspire you to dream bigger and believe that nothing, NOTHING is impossible with God:).

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  In Honour of Mother's Day coming up, I have teamed up with Hachette Publishing to offer you a chance to win a FREE copy of "If My Heart Could Talk" by Dodie Osteen. Simply enter your information below and one winner will be selected at random. Good luck!

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