Confessions of a Failaholic.

Betray someone. Check.
Let greed get the best of you. Check.
Deny your closest friend. Check.
Judge others by comparing how good you are because you’re not as “bad” as others. Check.
Do something you’ve been warned and asked not to do. Check.
Doubt. Check.
Worry. Check.
Worry on repeat. Check.
Hold grudges. Check.
Focus on the things of earth not heaven. Check.
Prostitute (your gifts/talents). Check.
Try to make something happen on your own time. Check.
Who would do one of these things? Me.
What type of person could do all of these things? Guilty as charged.

It’s funny, we talk so much about resumes and highlights of our lives but the truth is, it’s our mistakes, faults, and flaws that often bring people together.

I for one, am perfectly…imperfect.


When I am tempted to think more highly of myself, I am reminded of my imperfections and when I am tempted to think lowly of others, I am again reminded of my imperfections.

And when I find myself racing through the list above as if I’m on automatic pilot, I am reminded of one word. GRACE. G-Race. God’s Race. The only race to partake in. The other race leads to no where…fast. The other race leaves me (and others) bitter vs. better. The other race blinds you and I to the beauty and blessings of life. The other is less than God’s best.

Grace. Elegance. Beauty. Ease. Kindness. Love. Forgiveness. Mercy. Prayer of Blessing & Thanksgiving.
Grace. G-Race. God’s Race.


It’s an invite to love more deeply and live more fully.
It’s an invite to come just as we are and partake in the race that truly matters. G-Race. Grace.



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